7th - 8th Gr Girls Basketball Information

7th grade coach: Ms. Stiver
8th grade coach: Ms. Devall

I) Calendars with important dates
  1. First official tryout, January 10th
  2. All participants must have an athletic physical on record, before they attend tryouts.
  3. One time $15 insurance fee is due January 13th this fee is required by the district for all children.
  4. Tryouts will last until Thursday, January 12th. You must sign up on sheets posted in the cafeteria BEFORE you attend a practice.

II) Transportation

  1. Students will be provided with two way transportation to events on weekdays.
  2. Students are required to have a ride or walk home directly after practice.

III) Academic Requirements

  1. Students that maintain a 2.5 and above are eligible without restrictions
  2. Students that maintain a 2.0 and above are eligible to play, but required to attend 90 minutes of extra help (study table).
  3. Students that maintain a 1.5 to 1.9 will be eligible to practice, but not play.
  4. Students that fall below a 1.5 will be dismissed from the team.

IV) Practice and Behavior Requirements

  1. Attitude and effort will determine participation.
  2. Student athletes must attend daily practice from 2:30 to 4:30, unless other arrangements have been made with the coach.