Milwood Policies

Milwood Magnet School has developed the following policies to provide our students with a respectful environment.

School Visitors

All visitors to Milwood Magnet School must use the main entrance. There is a security station just inside the entrance where all visitors check in. Visitors will be greeted by Mr. Stovall, our lead security staff. Visitors are asked to sign in and then will be escorted or directed to the appropriate office or classroom.

Physical Education Uniforms

All students at Milwood Magnet School are required to wear physical education uniforms. Families may purchase these uniforms for $20 at the Milwood Spirit Shop or may rent them for $0.25 (or two Lancer tickets) per day. Students must return rented uniforms by the end of physical education class each day. Purchased uniforms must be washed weekly at the student's home. If students want excellent physical education grades, they must wear these uniforms.