Staff Resources

Milwood Magnet School offers staff resources to help teachers stay informed about the latest information.

AgriScience Comprehensive Websites

Resource Description
Michigan AgriScience and Natural Resources Education A premiere and comprehensive resource for most areas of AgriScience addressed in Michigan. Included in this website are lesson plans, PowerPoints, activities, study guides, answer keys, etc.
University of Arizona College of Agriculture and Life Science A comprehensive resource for most areas of AgriScience addressed in Arizona. Lesson plans are submitted from other states and include PowerPoint resources as well as other resources.
Resource Guide for New Teachers in Agricultural Science in Texas Included in this website are lesson plans, PowerPoints, and activities from other states as well as Texas
Illinois Agricultural Education Addresses many areas of AgriScience in Illinois. Included in this website are lesson plans, websites, and other resources
Ohio State AgriScience Lesson Plans Included in this website are some very interesting activities and labs which focus on demonstration of practical teaching strategies with lesson plans designed to demonstrate the latest teaching methods.
Georgia Agricultural Education The Georgia Agricultural Education is a learning system that delivers agricultural, environmental and leadership education programs and services.
South Dakota Agricultural Education Competency Profiles Contains information regarding some AgriScience areas which are well covered.
Texas-Made Lesson Plans Website with many links to other sites of AgriScience lesson plans from Texas.

Natural Resources

Resource Description
PennState Sustainable Forestry Lesson plans for grades K-12 on Natural Resources concerns.

Plant and Soil Science

Resource Description
Lesson Plans Lessons and experiments on the various Biology links.

Greenhouse and Hydroponics

Resource Description
CropKing Instructional Plans on crop specific areas like hydroponics. Specifics include lesson plans with vines, greenhouses, hydroponics, lettuce, tomatoes, mushrooms, etc.

Animal Science

Resource Description
CAST Biotechnology The Council for Agricultural Science and Technology offers extensive resources on biotechnology and how biotechnology relates to AgriScience.
Genetic Lesson Plan Ideas Website with many resources beyond the links to lesson plans in genetics and biotechnology

General Agriculture Education for all ages

Resource Description
Discovery School Various Teacher Resources: including videos, lesson and instructional plans. Included in this website are lesson plans for various aspects of Career Planning and Job Placement
National Agricultural Statistics Service The National Agricultural Statistics Service provides lesson plans for all ages in the area of Agriculture.
Agriculture in the Classroom General Lesson Plans in the areas of traditional agriculture and agriculture in space. There is a website available for most states specializing in agriculture for that state.
Oregon Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation The purpose of Agriculture in the Classroom (AITC) is to help young people gain a better understanding of agriculture. AITC was designed to provide curriculum, reference materials and teaching aides to K-12 teachers. General Lesson Plans in the general areas of traditional agriculture for younger children.
Vocational Information Center General lesson plans in the general areas of historical and traditional agriculture predominately for younger children. Areas of interest include items such as Eli Whitney and the cotton gin.
Michigan Farm Bureau General lesson plans for younger students. Areas of interest include food's amazing journey, biotechnology, soil, water, food, by-products use, and insects.
Lesson Planet This website is a link to unique lessons plans for students of all ages. Topics include such topics as the non-surgical removal of fertilized embryos from the Bovine Uterus as a lab.


Resource Description
TVA: Electricity for All The Tennessee Valley Authority provides lesson plans for areas that are of interest when dealing with ecological and water systems.