Looking for more information? Check out these resources to learn more about the Milwood Magnet School curriculum, Kalamazoo Public Schools, and affiliates.

Resource Description
Access Excellence Resource Center Access Excellence Resource Center offers information on Biotechnology careers, ethics and issues.
Biotechnology Online The Biotechnology Online Secondary School Resource provides balanced and factual information about biotechnology.
Biotechnology: Science for the New Millennium Biotechnology: Science for the New Millennium contains enough activities for four years of curriculum, with the hope that schools develop programs that match the needs of their students, community, and industry.
GSK Research and Development Provides information on genetics, suitable for adults and children.
Biotechnology Institute Your World Magazine is for children and discusses the benefits and concepts of biotechnology in an engaging and ejoyable manor.
DNA from the Beginning DNA from the Beginning contains animated learning experiences of over 30 major discoveries in biotechnology.

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